Everyday Secrets

Everyday Secrets is a paper cut done in collaboration with composer and lyricist Mary Fineman. Both of us are members of The National League of American Pen Women, America’s oldest, women’s professional organization. Our yearly chapter art show will be held in January, and Mary suggested that some of our artists might be inspired by her lyrics. I definitely was. Her song Everyday Secrets is about making the choice not to follow the constraints of culture, to follow your own bliss. The impetus of the change was being in nature and touching a dragonfly.

While making the piece, it was crushed and torn. It could have remained a disaster, but by the prayers of friends and listening to my art buddies’ suggestions to listen to what the piece was trying to tell me, I ironed the paper and even tore it a little bit more. I think the tear adds to the dramatic change that is described in the lyrics. Yes, the art does lead the designer… if she will listen.

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