Julian of Norwich
9 X 12″
Acrylic on wood panel
“All will be well. All will be well. All manner of things will be well.”
“I saw Him. I sought Him. I had Him, and I lack him.
And this is, and should be, our ordinary undertaking
in this life as
I see it.”
Above Every Blade Of Grass An Angel Prays, “Grow.”
36 X 12″
Acrylic on canvas

Prayer To Move Beyond Racism
8 X 10″
Acrylic on wood panel
This year has brought us to a time of reckoning. Social media has laid bare the continuation of racism in our society. The video of the killing of George Floyd shocked us and also made us admit that we still have work to do.
With this icon I make a change in direction. Icons are used to call us into prayer. I hope this icon is experienced as a visual prayer moving us out into the blessed community we must work towards.

The symbolism may be too personal. So let me explain some. The drawing manikins are used by artists to “size” up their subject, to check the “truth” of their work. I’ve posed these two to appear as though they are dancing together without either taking the lead. Their next step will take them beyond the suffering of racism and on to a new shore. As they move forward they become more human. On the bloodied water floats the names of people, black and white, who have been killed due to racism or as a result of working to eliminate it. The crowd behind them stand together waiting to see if we can succeed or continue to sink into the mire.
Above them is the dove, the symbol of the Holy Spirit , that proceeds from the Father and energizes the work of all the saints that work towards making life better for all.

Join with me in this prayer and work.

Christ The Bridegroom

Egg tempera and gold leaf on wood panel
Following St. Kevin In Prayer
12 X 12″
Acrylic and gold leaf on wood panel