Cutting a mandala is both meditative and and a design journey. The process of cutting intricate designs, slows the mind down to focusing on what is at hand. It is a design journey calling the artist to travel the process without knowing the ultimate destination. The artist must be willing to improvise solutions while allowing serendipity to guide the way.

20 X 20″
Yin Yang
17 X 17″
God’s Eye
13 X 13
Shine On
16 X 20 “
Caught in the Garden
16 X 20″
Hand cut paper shaded with charcoal backed by handmade paper
Spirit Mandala
8 X 10″
Calla Lilies
8 X 8″
Spirit Mandala 2
8 X 10″
For Sharon
8 X 10″
Mandala 2021
16 X 20″